About Bengal Bay

It started as a young boy’s dream

As a young child in India, KG Nair dreamt of coming to the land of opportunity. As a young man, he left his friends and family behind to pursue his dream, the American dream! After working for several decades in the food industry, KG would perfect the ancient cooking techniques of India and turn them into “KG’s version of Indian food”.

Then one day, KG’s preparedness would meet the opportunity he had waited for his entire life. He would get a catering job at the home of one of the most successful franchise developers in America, Mr. Matt Rasmussen. It was through this chance encounter that Matt would recognize the opportunity to FINALLY bring Indian cuisine to every American household, and Bengal Bay Grill was born.

A fusion of both Indian classics and the Bengal Bay spin on everyday cuisine has created the one-of-a-kind taste that is now simply known as BBG. The BBG vision is for every American to experience their taste for adventure through our one-of-a-kind fusion classic dishes like the tikka masala taco, our boom boom chicken, and our curry bowl classics like scorpion pepper 65. At BBG we serve up “naan-stop awesome” dishes with the goal of bringing joy each and every day to our amazing guests.

Visionary Founder

We have assembled an All-Star Executive Team with extensive experience in operations, development, real estate, culinary/catering, technology and overall franchised business acumen. In addition, BENGAL BAY GRILL uses a top-notch franchise attorney, ad agency and creative firm.

KG Nair

KG Nair spent two decades in the hospitality industry working in 5-Star Hotels abroad as well on luxury cruise ships. KG has developed a suite of Indian recipes that cater to the American palate and has developed a huge fanbase over 10 years of perfecting his one of a kind Indian Inspired American fare.